Bramor C4EYE

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System specifications

With the C3P flight planning software the user can create flight plans consisting of arbitrary waypoints or automatically create areas of arbitrary shapes or linear shapes like roads, power-lines, rivers, etc.

The software used for control, mission planning and GNNS processing (ppX) is C3P (Command, Control, Communications and Planning). The C3P is a software package developed in-house at C-ASTRAL and we keep improving it with the feedback of our users and testers.

The cruise speed of the UAV is 16m/s or 58 km/h.

The strongest wind it can fly can reach up to 12 m/s.

Usually you would need to replace the system's propeller blades. During its lifetime the fuselage or wings might also need repair or replacement if they are used in a harsh environment.

Users usually land inside a radius of 30 m from the desired landing position. With more experience, operators can land more accurately.

Flights can be executed up to 5000 m above sea level.

Sensors C4EYE

The C4EYE can be equipped with two different types of gimbals, the  EYE-X or EYE-X HD2.

The video link has a range of up to 40 km LOS with the tracking antenna.

With use of an appropriate receiver it is possible to receive live video to that receiver as long as it is in range of the UAV.

Gimbals are equipped with EO sensor, an uncooled thermal infrared microbolometer and optional laser illuminator.

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