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With its partner company DEZIS and a network of C-ASTRAL operators, C-ASTRAL is able to provide remote sensing and aero-photogrammetry mapping services worldwide. Contact us for more information or fill out the inquiry form below.

 mapping service

  • An experienced team of surveyors and UAV pilots –10 years
  • Cost effective large area mapping up to 60km2/day
  • Tailor-made service - customer specified georeferenced outputs
  • Diverse and difficult terrain mapping
  • Up to date high-resolution products –>1cm/pix
  • Multiple sensor options: RGB/ thermal/ multispectral

Mapping and combining obtained data to produce custom georeferenced products

Adjustable resolution, survey grade accuracy

  • Large area continuous observation
  • Remote infrastructure monitoring
  • Change detection


  • Providing calibrated radiometric orthophotos
  • Hotspot detection
  • Roof inspection


  • Photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning for detailed 3D capture of buildings and terrain


  • Modelling large inaccessible areas
  • Open pit mining: high precision volume calculation
  • Flood simulations
  • Infrastructure planning basis


  • Providing multispectral data as a basis for precision agriculture vegetation index calculations (NDVI, NDRE etc.)

Through laser scanning, a complete 3D model can be created from the existing building conditions. In addition, a 3D laser scanning survey can be used to create a topological mapping for land development

  • Bridges, tunnels, roads
  • Building information model (BIM)
  • Historic preservation
  • Reverse engineering


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Final dataset resolution (cm/px)
The Fullframe RGB 42 megapixel sensor or 24,3 MP sensor enable precise visible light survey grade mapping, aero-photogrammetry and dense point cloud data acquisition for digital terrain models, digital surface models, volume and stockpile calculations. With high quality optics, sub-centimeter GSD acquisition is enabled.
Final dataset resolution (cm/px)
Multispectral sensors simultaneously capture five discrete spectral bands, enabling the creation of tailored indices for high end vegetation mapping. The new ALTUM sensor enables the synchronization of thermal and multispectral imagery combining three calibrated sensors in one. The BRAMOR ppX with the ALTUM is the most powerful precision agriculture remote sensing tool on the market.
Final dataset resolution (cm/px)
The gHY sensor creates 2D spectral information in VIS-VNIR spectral range (500-900 nm) with single exposure and enables mosaicking with photogrammetric software. The sensor provides real response in each pixel without interpolation. This high end sensor is, due to it’s spectral range, especially suitable for uses in agriculture, forestry and water research for unrivaled results and precision.
Final dataset resolution (cm/px)
The Thermal Sensor is suitable to gather accurate, non-contact temperature measurements from an aerial perspective. Every still image contains calibrated temperature data embedded in every pixel, resulting in decision making support for precision agriculture, forestry, building and roof inspections, power grid inspections, infrastructure analysis, and public safety.
Monitoring linear distance (km)
Gas leakage detection
The gAS sensor is a unique an extremely capable high resolution, excellent selectivity long range methane leak detection system, based on a proven DFB tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy system adapted to UAS use from larger manned platforms. This system revolutionizes pipeline, oil and gas well and other methane and noxious gases detection and compliance operations.
Realtime camera surveillance
The EYE-X gimbals bring the capabilities of much larger UAS systems to the tactical level. Equipped with high resolution EO and IR sensor with an optional laser illuminator, capable of detecting, tracking, following and geo-locating targets, objects, features and infrastructure, day and night up to 40km distance from the GCS.

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