C-Astral Bramor - First BVLOS operations in Canada


On Friday, February 24, Ventus Geospatial, a C-ASTRAL BRAMOR gEO, ppK and gAS operator, will be conducting the first Transport Canada (TC) approved UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) test flight beyond a pilot’s visual line of sight (BVLOS) in non-military airspace. This flight test will be conducted at the Foremost Centre for Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) test range in Foremost Alberta. During the test flight, Ventus Geospatial in conjunction with Canadian Unmanned Inc. will fly 2 UAS systems, the Aeryon Skyranger (Canada) vertical and take off (VTOL) quadcopter, and the fixed wing UAS manufactured by C-Astral, the Bramor (Slovenia) BVLOS. To date, all UAV’s flown in Canadian non-military airspace must be done so while in the pilot’s line of sight. “This historical event is the first step to take us beyond visual line of sight flights in Canada”, says Steve Myshak, President of Ventus Geospatial. “It will make geospatial work for pipeline, power line, and large area mapping much more cost effective and feasible for our clients and all Canadians”. “We’re proud to have earned the trust of Transport Canada’s to help make this happen”. The BRAMOR family of unmanned systems comes equipped with long range datalinks and aviation grade failsafe systems which can be enhanced for BLVOS operations with safety forward looking cameras, ADS-B transponders, navigation lights and positioning beacons.  C-ASTRAL is proud to take part in this historical contribution, opening the Canadian skies for complex UAS operations with Enduring Precision.

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