C-Astral at five trade shows Sept-Oct 2023

Shows @ Las Vegas (USA), London (UK) , Gornja Radgona (SLO), Berlin (DE), Brno (CZ)

C-ASTRAL Aerospace has launched its new SQA [Slovenian armed forces designation BELIN-V] eVTOL unmanned aircraft system in April 2022 at the XPONENTIAL 2022. The system has immediately gathered the attention of the international customer base and large orders for the system followed in 2022 and 2023.

In September and October 2023 C-ASTRAL has presented the SQA eVTOL systems and the DYN DIGITAL DATALINK at the Commercial UAV. The low mass compact DYN micro datalink offers some unique interference mitigation features, frequency flexibility, a robust protocol, extremely short boot up times and a packet prioritization capacity.
C-Astral will be presenting SQA and DYN Micro Datalink it at DSEI in London from September 12-15, at the Slovenian defense Expo SOBRA from September 21-24 in Gornja Radgona, at INTERGEO 2023 in Berlin from October 10-12 and at GSOF in Brno from 24-26 October. 
At each of these events, attendees can expect to experience firsthand the innovative products and solutions that C-Astral has to offer. Our team of experts will be on hand to answer questions, provide demonstrations, and discuss how our products and services can benefit their businesses.
C-Astral invites all attendees to visit our booth at each trade show to learn more about our cutting-edge products, explore partnership opportunities, and connect with our team. For more information about our products please visit our website at www.c-astral.com or contact our sales team.


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