Bramor UAS in the forefront for environmental monitoring

Bramor UAS in the forefront for environmental monitoring

7-10 March 2016: QinetiQ highlighted the benefit of UAS applications in the areas of fisheries protection, flood risk management and coastal erosion monitoring to the Welsh Government.

BRAMOR gEO and BRAMOR C4EYE UAS were demonstrated in two scenarios:

one exploring the use of RPAS in fisheries protection, where the UAV was tasked to locate and identify participating fishing vessels and determine their intent.

the other for exploring the early detection of floods and coastal erosion threats to the Welsh coast, enabling better preparedness and timelier response. In this scenario, the UAV was programmed to fly a four kilometre flight pattern and take detailed photographs of the topography.

The initiative was the first major showcase of Snowdonia Aerospace Centre (formerly Llanbedr Airfield) as part of the unique West Wales RPAS test and evaluation environment and associated segregated airspace.

During the week long event, it was demonstrated that the benefits of UAS include: mapping areas at risk of flooding, helping to prevent illegal fishing and increasing the 23,000 people employed in the aerospace industry in Wales.

Have a look at the Videos and Media coverage:

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