BRAMOR C4EYE at Roma Drone Expo & Show 2015

BRAMOR C4EYE at Roma Drone Expo & Show 2015

The Italian Armed Forces show off BRAMOR C4EYE

The second edition of the Roma Drone Expo 2015 was located at Rome Urbe airport on 29-31 May 2015

This three day event held in Italy results from the increased interest in drones that has been generated in recent years. These radio-controlled flying machines, born in the military in the last century, are now being found across a large number of professional applications in the civil sector.

About 8 thousand visitors (an increase of 30% from the 2014 event),  filled the large "village" set up on the airport grounds of the historic Roman airport, covering 5 thousand square meters of exhibition space, more than 60 Italian and foreign exhibitors, about 100 different models of drones in civilian and military displays, a 400-seat auditorium that hosted 14 conventions and conferences and 220 accredited journalists.

Luciano Castro, president of Rome Drone: "The success of this event is not only ruled by numbers, by themselves very eloquent, but also by the many prestigious patronages and the presence of civil and military authorities. An initial survey of exhibitors showed us that the degree of satisfaction is very high and that, during the three days in Rome, all had contact with companies and operators that will lead to new business opportunities."

Check out the video reportage (in italian) by Metro News, where the Italian Armed Forces acknowledge C4EYE has a "superior range than the Raven" ('2:24):


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