New BRAMOR rTK system and longer endurance options unveiled at INTERGEO 2014

After a long development and a thorough testing period, C-ASTRAL is unveiling its new BRAMOR rTK Unmanned Aerial System and long endurance systems at INTERGEO 2014 in Berlin.

The new BRAMOR rTK UAS is ideally suited for surveying and remote sensing applications that need a quick and industry leading high precision set of results down to sub-centimeter level also in the absence of a grid of ground control points.

The system is comprised of an air and ground segment, consisting of a state of the art GNSS RTK on board receiver and ground base station, the BRAMOR rTK blended wing body modular airframe with a lot of sensor options, a portable and ergonomic rugged ground control station and catapult launcher. The BRAMOR rTK UAS combines high precision autonomous operations with data acquisition, turbulent air penetration and stability with long endurance.

The BRAMOR rTK is the ultimate high productivity tool for global surveying and remote sensing in very remote and less remote areas, together with longer endurance BRAMOR gEO systems, with an industry leading endurance of 2,5 hours, an operational ceiling of 5000m AGL and capable of operating in winds of up to 60km/h, the rTK provides a quantum leap in productivity for UAS based surveying.


Visit our BRAMOR rTK website here.

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