The EYE-X HD 2 gimbal brings the capabilities of much larger UAS systems to the tactical level.

Equipped with high-resolution EO and IR sensor with an optional laser illuminator, capable of detecting, tracking, following and geo-locating targets, objects, features and infrastructure, day and night.

  • EO Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • EO zoom: 20x + 2x digital (total 40x) continuous
  • EO HFOV : 60° WFOV – 3° NFOV – 1.5° DFOV
  • Thermal camera: LWIR uncooled
  • IR Resolution: 640 x 480 (BH/WH toggle)
  • IR zoom: 4x digital
  • IR HFOV : 32° W.FOV – 8° DFOV
  • Gyro continuous stabilization (<100 μrad)
  • IR Laser pointer (650 or 850nm 5mW Class IIIb)
  • Target tracking, Pursue mode and Geo-Location
  • NETD better than 0.05°C
  • On-board / Off-board Recording
  • Video  RSA4096 with AES256 encryption (optional)
  • Operating temperature -20˚C to +55˚C
  • Video embedded KLV metadata


Precise geolocation of a UAV and its target location in embedded in video or in a picture.


A small yet capable camera that provides exceptional magnification. Two EO imagers with different FOV and added digital zoom.

Zoom 1

Zoom 2

Zoom 3


LWIR uncooled thermal imager with high contrast and detail works in BLACK HOT, WHITE HOT and FALSE COLOR mode.

Thermal image

Thermal image

White hot




The revolutionary NSX payload has been designed to quickly and accurately locate mobile phones in the challenging airborne Search & Rescue environment in areas of up to 40 km2 in a single flight.

  • Search path up to 2 km wide (up to 5 km demonstrated)
  • Gives Lat Long, displayed on embedded mapping
  • Can act as a mobile cell and Ad Hoc relay station
  • Designed to meet the extreme conditions of SAR operations.
  • Vibration, EMC, extremes of temperature, wet conditions, salt spray, etc., the system meets EMC and environmental specifications in DO 160 G and Mil‐Std 810 G
  • This system is currently being supplied to the Norwegian AW101 All Weather SAR helicopter
  • The user interface was completely changed for SAR, making it simple to use even though the unit performs complicated tasks
  • Location algorithms were optimised for flight giving even better accuracy and range
  • Any phone capable of GSM can be used
  • Low profile passive antennas
  • Location without DF equipment
  • Send and Receive Texts/ Calls
  • Radio Software Defined and Upgradeable
  • Web browser user interface
  • Flight tested and approved (DO 160G/Mil STD 810G)

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