Bramor C4EYE

“The Ultimate C4ISR Solution – the most capable and affordable small UAS in its class in the world!“

The field proven BRAMOR C4EYE UAS line is appropriate for operations where real-time or near real time video observation and surveillance capability is of utmost importance. With an endurance of up to 3 hours, a standard data and payload link of 40 km, or the optional MANET / MIMO digital communications capabilities.

Non-Governmental and private organizations and sovereign actors alike use the C4EYE UAS for a myriad of applications such as Search and Rescue, wildfire containment and mitigation, convoy and transportation support, perimeter monitoring, environmental monitoring, anti-poaching, wildlife observation and research and ice floe dynamics. A myriad of other sensors, options and communications reach extensions are available on these systems.

“We have put this machines through their paces in battle zone conditions and the MOD has decided that this will be the UAS of choice for future procurement.”


The system is suitable both for civilian and military situational awareness use, such as remote infrastructure control, various types of ISR missions, real time urban and low intensity conflict zone surveillance and management, wildfire monitoring, etc..

The vehicle is comprised of a blended wing body modular airframe, with the emphasis on the smallest possible takeoff weight, advanced aerodynamics, electric propulsion, completely autonomous operation, endurance, turbulent air penetration and stability, ergonomic and user friendly ground control station, durability and mobility. The airframe is made of advanced composite materials (Kevlar/Carbon/Vectran) that provide a high level of survivability and no radar signature.

The stabilized C-Astral EYE family of gimbals provides electro optical CCD and state of the art un-cooled micro-bolometer based thermal imaging capabilities with the optional laser illuminator.

The system consists of the air vehicle with a EYE-X sensor, a foldable portable takeoff catapult and rugged ground control station. The system is highly mobile and fits into a MILSPEC, rain resistant backpack with the GCS embedded industry standard rugged package and is designed for fast deployment, flight ready in less than five minutes. It can be safely operated by single operator/pilot in command.

Basic C4EYE system package consists of:

  • BRAMOR C4EYE airframe
  • KJ-200 rugged GCS
  • UAS flight control software
  • ASTRALTRACK antenna
  • C-Astral REACH30 Video transmitter system (40km LOS tested transmission of video)
  • CAT 1 catapult launcher
  • Recovery parachute (2 units) with protective packs
  • Set of basic spares
  • Battery charger
  • Flight case transportation system
  • Documentation & Manuals

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Key features

  • Up to 3h endurance
  • Flight range up to 150 km
  • Video/Datalink range up to 40 km
  • No radar signature
  • 100% autonomous
  • Wind resistant up to 30 knots
  • In-flight waypoint management
  • Camera, Altitude, and Target prosecution guidance modes
  • Carbon / KevlarTM / VectranTM Construction
  • Simple flight planning
  • One or Two person operation
  • Catapult takeoff
  • Accurate Parachute Landing in a 30mx30m zone
  • Convoy following capability
  • Robust fail-safe system for maximum safety
  • Flight ready in less than 5 min
  • Ability to track, Geo-register or Lock targents
  • AN/PVS-7B/D, AN/PVS-14 and AN/AVS-9 compatible IR optional beacons



  • Wildfire management
  • Long rage (30km) real time situational awareness
  • Search and rescue
  • Infrastructure control
  • Woods and landscape management
  • Ecological monitoring and sensing
  • Flood monitoring
  • Civil defense
  • Fire control
  • Over the hill observation
  • Night surveillance
  • Classical ISR
  • Convoy following
  • Moving target detection and tracking
  • Low intensity conflict zone control
  • Battlefield management


C3P Software

Software Features

  • Ergonomic touch screen GUI
  • Critical flight control data always present on screen
  • Seamless and fast mission planning
  • In-flight systems monitoring
  • Area, mission time, GSD and precision estimation
  • Failsafes management
  • System health monitoring
  • Real-time camera feedback


C3P C4EYE Mode

  • Pre-planned or live control flight modes
  • Quick access to critical flight control commands
  • Target tracking
  • Convoy following
  • Sensor data and still image recording
  • Flight data display
  • Failsafe controls
  • Altitude mode flying
  • Loiter mode flying
  • Target centric flying


Wingspan 230 cm
Platform length 96 cm
Center module length 67 cm
Engine C-Astral Brushless
Onboard power LiPo
Takeoff weight 4,5 kg



Cruise speed 16 m/s
Max horizontal speed 30 m/s
Landing Autonomous Parachute Landing
Endurance Up to 3h
Operational range Up to 40 km
Service ceiling 40-5000 m ASL tested
Command & control RF ISM Band, 868 MHz or 900 MHz
Command & control range Up to 40 km
Video downlink range 40 km
Navigation lights optional
Convoy following optional
Parachute landing included
Payload stabilization Gyro stabilized / software stabilized
Payload upgrade option EO/IR/LI


Sensor Options



EO/IR/LI Dual sensor gimbal for C4EYE with high precision pointing accuracy in a small, lightweight package.

The EYE-X EO/IR/laser illuminator gimbal brings the capabilities of much larger UAS systems to the tactical level. Equipped with a 10MP visible light sensor and an industry benchmark thermal imagery uncooled micro-bolometer with an optional laser illuminator, it is capable of detecting, tracking, following and geo-locating targets, objects and features, infrastructure, positions and estimating maneuvers, day and night. It is the sensor of choice for institutional and sovereign customers needing immediate actionable intelligence.

  • 10 MP ePTZ CMOS RGB visible light sensor
  • LWIR Uncooled bolometer core FLIR QUARK 640
  • 2x, 4x, 8x zoom capability
  • Full Frame Rate 7,5 Hz (NTSC); 8,3 Hz (PAL)
  • Pixel Pitch 17 μm
  • Spectral band 7,5-13,5 μm
  • QUARK VPC module
  • Pan 360°, Tilt 90°
  • Gyro + Software continuous stabilization
  • 300mW laser illuminator (LI)
  • available at 400-2000nm
  • Image stabilization
  • Target tracking and Pursue mode
  • Target geo-location
  • On-board / Off-board Recording

Accurate geo-location of a target based on its location in a video image is a key functionality provided by the EYE-X gimbal sensor at day and night. Scene lock mode will activate blue target square that will track not only inside the square but thought whole video.

Pursue mode continually updates the loiter point around the target to allow the UAV to center its flight path on the target of interest.

Enables 10MP snapshot stored on VPU. Video recording is possible on-board as well as off-board. Live snapshot gallery accessible via MANET / MIMO radio. Flight demonstrated 40 km video / datalink range with the Astral Tracking Antenna / Videolink.

EYE-X EYE-X EO/IR/LI Camera Video




Rugged tracking technology for 40 km range with our video datalink transmitter.

  • Tracking technology for 40 km range
  • DATA and VIDEO transmission.
  • REACH-40 video TX and RX units
  • 2,4 GHz, 40 km LOS video link
  • Optional MANET/MIMO digital radios


ASTRALTRACK automatic tracking antenna is a light antenna system compatible with all C-ASTRAL SYSTEMS for extended 40 km range DATA and VIDEO transmission.

  • REACH-40 video TX and RX units
  • 2,4 GHz, 40 km LOS video link
IP Tactical Remote Viewing Station

IP Tactical Remote Viewing Station

Enhance your C4EYE operations with the portable GCS/Repeater station for TW network

  • High-speed wireless IP networking
  • Portable Bramor GCS capability
  • Portable Repeater station for TW network
  • and Bramor communication
  • 12 Voice channels for encrypted voice communication
  • Enables external device connectivity over WI-FI dongle
  • Works as a standalone UAV and voice repeater (range extender)
  • Frequency range: 1775MHz-1815 MHz and 2200MHz-2250MHz
  • Battery life: 8 Hours with 32 Wh Bat.
  • MIL-STD-810G

Package includes:

  • TW-400 CUB (headphones, wi-fi dongle, GPS Glonass ANT, 2 x batteries, charger)
  • Dualband antenna
  • Getac tablet (charger)
  • Rugged case




MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Network) and MIMO optional secure digital communications

  • High-speed wireless IP networking
  • Network relay to send and receive IP data
  • 1775-1815 MHz, 2200-2250 MHz
  • MIL-STD-810F
  • TSM-X™ Waveform
  • SOCOM approved
C-Astral REACH30

C-Astral REACH30

Video transmitter with range 40km LOS.

  • Power output: +34dBm (2,5W)
  • Frequency span: 2310 - 2490 Mhz (10 channels)
  • Power consumption: 470mA @ 14,8V
  • Weight: 80g
ADSB Mode S Transponder

ADSB Mode S Transponder

Make your UAV visible to other cooperating traffic and air traffic control.

• World’s smallest size and weight Sagetech transponders measure just 3.5” x 1.8” x 0.7” and weigh only 100 grams
• Lowest power consumption

Pneumatic catapult

Pneumatic catapult

  • For cold weather operations (-20°C). Field proven in Arctic conditions
  • Aluminum lightweight folding structure including a compressor & an electronic valve
Emergency Beacon Locator

Emergency Beacon Locator

  • Find the location of your system with a built-in VHF beacon and handheld receiver.

Transport cases and bags

Bramor System Backpack

Bramor System Backpack

  • Heavy duty whole system water resistant carrying backpack for ppX and C4EYE systems.


The C4EYE version is designed to carry only the gimbal sensor.

The weight of the camera is 300 g.

The UAV can be equipped with C-Astral Eye (single sensor, EO or IR) or Perceptor (dual sensor, EO & IR).

The video link has a range of up to 30 km with the tracking antenna.

With the use of an appropriate receiver it is possible to receive live video, as long as it is in range of the UAV.

Usually you would need to replace the system's propeller blades. During its lifetime the fuselage or wings might also need repair or replacement if they are used in a harsh environment.

The C4Eye can be equipped with a gimbal system.

The C4Eye version is designed to carry only the gimbal sensor.

The weight of the camera is 300 g.

The UAV can be equipped with C-Astral Eye-X EO/IR/LI (dual sensor gimbal with laser illuminator)

The video link has a range of 30 km.

With use of an appropriate receiver it is possible to receive live video to that receiver as long as it is in range of the UAV.

The C4Eye can be equipped with two different types of gimbal.


The cruise speed of the UAV is 58 km/h.

The strongest wind it can fly can reach up to 17 m/s.

Total weight of the system (incl. catapult launcher and GCS) is 30 kg.

The aircraft can be equipped with a locating beacon upon your request.

Flights can be executed up to 5000 m above sea level.

The aircraft can be optionally equipped with a locator beacon.

Replacements usually include propeller blades and batteries. During it's lifetime the fuselage or wings have to be replaced if the UAV has been used in a harsh environment.


The UAV lands with the parachute.

Users usually land inside a radius of 20 m from the GCS. With more experience, they get even more accurate.

The take-off is achieved with the catapult launcher (elastic or pneumatic).